Horses Available For Sponsorship

Sponsorship covers basic needs such as food, regular worming and hoof care.

We encourage part-sponsorships so please ask if you would like to donate a smaller monthly amount. All our sponsors will receive a LIFE tote bag and regular updates. If you would like more information about one of our horses please contact Linda at Thank you for your interest in our horses!


Snowdrop was underweight, with an eye injury and in a very downcast way. before we bought him over to the Haven and then his life took off! ‘ He soon felt secure enough to be speedy and cheeky, although always kind, and willing to enjoy a good feed! He loves a grooming and is very affectionate. T

Sponsor @ £50 per monthGeldingVaccinatedPassported & Microchipped


Born 2016, Franky was badly mistreated when helplessly lame as a baby, being beaten around his owner's yard, barely able to walk and clearly in pain. Luckily LIFE was alerted and took him into care. He was understandably very shy, but gradually learned that not all people are threatening. He is now a happy, healthy and sweet-tempered pony.

Sponsor @ £50 per monthGeldingVaccinatedPassported & Microchipped


Beautiful Amber, the rose of the Haven, was Lucy's first equine rescue, has grown from a scruffy, ill foal into a splendid young horse.She's not sponsored although gets some irregular support, but wouldn't it be great for her to have someone to rely on every month? You can read more about Amber's story here.

Sponsor @ £50 per monthMareVaccinatedPassported & Microchipped


Here's the lovely Bexlyin-the-Broad - LIFE's partially sighted recovered rescue case! He is the herd boss and although gelded, enjoys intimate, if chaste, relationships with his little harem of chestnut mares. He a jolly chap on a perpetual diet as he tends to gain weight easily - fat horses are an unusual sight here! Restricted food and more work for you, Bex!

Sponsor @ £50 per monthGeldingVaccinatedPassported & Microchipped


Boshko is a young horse still in training but already doing light cart work and learning voice aids and road craft. He loves to play with Selim and they are often causing mayhem together!

Sponsor @ 50.00 per monthGeldingVaccinatedPassported & Microchipped

SELIM (donkey)

Half sponsored!

Selim is lucky enough to have a lovely sponsor who helps to keep him fed and healthy. He's a very fortunate, if somewhat cheeky, donkey, and the LIFE premises wouldn't be the same without him! He's the official LIFE mascot, popping up all over the place in the virtual and the physical!
Half sponsor @ £25.00 per monthGeldingVaccinatedPassported & Microchipped