Fundraising for us here at LIFE can be done at any time of year, from anywhere around the globe. Whatever the event, every pound, leva or euro raised directly helps animals in desperate need.

Here are just a few ways our supporters help to fund-raise:

  • Sponsored dog walks and meet-ups

  • Coffee/tea and cake gatherings

  • Cheese and wine evenings

  • Raffles and auctions

  • Form a support group in your country or region - we already have a Danish and a Finnish group doing just that!

Many of these fundraisers can still be organised virtually! Could you hold an event to raise funds? If you have an idea but need help to organise, please contact us:

We look forward to hearing your ideas!

Past fundraisers and events


Mark, Laura and Sarah ran for LIFE!

These fit athletes ran 363 km's between them, with 10 x 10 K races followed by a Half Marathon! Their aim is to raise £500, which will make such a difference to us.

They already help by volunteering some of their holiday time each year, and they have adopted two of our rescues, Rex and Buddy. Lucky dogs!

What a fantastic result - Just click on the Just Giving image (left) to see the results of their heroic effort!

27 January 2019: Race 1 completed (Just about!) Only 10 more to go! Next one in three weeks. Thanks for all the support!

17 February 2019: So that is race number 2 done. A lovely run around Castle Coombe on the racing line!

December 2018 - Christmas Fayre

Sophie and her mum (left) set up a stall on behalf of LIFE at Elham Christmas Fayre, Kent, with items to buy, games to play, and lots of info on hand to highlight LIFE's work.

Local resident and actress Pam Ferris opened the Fayre, played Mother Christmas for the visiting children, and kindly judged our own Caption Competition. The winning caption for the horse & donkey image was 'Simon, have I got spinach in my teeth?' !!!

Thank you Sophie and mum - a grand effort which raised funds and awareness throughout the community. Many more people now know about LIFE!

October 2018 - Doggy fun day!

Please can we all raise a cheer to these wonderful ladies, and other supporters of LIFE, who were up late last night and at dawn, preparing delights for today's Fun Day at Jean's Bar, Zlatari. Jean herself most generously hosted the event at the bar.

Many people put in tons of effort to make this fundraiser a success, and since the sum raised for LIFE added up to 584 leva, we can say they succeeded!

THANK YOU so much, to everyone who contributed.

We are knocked sideways by such kindness in a world where we often see the darker aspects of human nature.


July 2018 - Car Boot Sale

We are thrilled to report that a car boot sale held in UK on behalf of LIFE raised the whopping sum of £230!

We thank loyal supporter Lynda Jones and her friend Margaret for this amazing effort on a grizzly grey Sunday, whilst proudly sporting their LIFE t-shirts. A truly wonderful achievement, ladies!

Could you hold a similar sale for LIFE?

The LIFE stall, above, selling various branded goods, offering some games and highlighting the work LIFE does.

July 2018 - Picnic by the River

Down by the Tundzha River near Lucy's location in Bulgaria, kind friends of LIFE organised a fun day of stalls, games and raffles.

We had a brilliant day and the weather stayed dry (thunder and very heavy rains for the last week, most days). We raised a fantastic 456.85 leva (that's approx £200) for LIFE. Much thanks goes to Bernie, Jen and Roy, Viv and Derek, Jean and Jim, and Trish and Derick for all their hard work putting this event together.

And thank you to all those who came, hope you all had a good time.

Fun and games, good friends and good food, all in a beautiful setting by the river. And below, a chance encounter with one of LIFE's rescue dogs, Dusty, who now has her own wonderful home and family.
Lucy signs copies of her books.
Higher or lower...?

September 2017 - Bring and buy Sale

A Bring And Buy Sale was organised in Pavlikeni, Bulgaria, raising funds for several Bulgarian animal rescue organisations, of which LIFE was one. Thank you to everyone who came and supported this super event.

February 2016 - Coffee Morning

A successful coffee morning was held by kind supporters in Luxembourg, raising money to help our rescued dogs and horses. We are thrilled and humbled to announce that a total of 703 Euros has been collected during this coffee and cake fundraiser. Isn't that something?

There are wonderful groups of kind people in Denmark and Finland working through social media to help us, by sharing and translating Lucy's posts and working together to raise money and send donated items.

Here is a link to our support group in Denmark, run by Hanne Frederiksen. It shows what tremendous good can be done when people get together either online or face to face.

With so many animals in our care and also those waiting out there to be helped, we are constantly short of funds. Can you help?

Peperuda's Story...

Perpuda was one of a whole litter of puppies saved by LIFE. Her brothers and sisters thrived; however, Peperuda caught Papilloma Virus resulting in a cluster of tumours around her mouth.

Lucy took her into close care on her home patch but the virus would not respond to treatment by local vets.

Peperuda’s overall health took a distressing downturn when she had difficulty eating. Still, she remained cheerful and it was clear she wanted to live.

It was because Peperuda’s spirit was so bright and positive that Lucy refused to consider euthanasia when it was suggested. Instead, she asked for help to take Peperuda to a clinic at a veterinary university in central Bulgaria.

Determined supporters raised the funds needed for the consultation and for intensive follow-up care. One supporter in particular became Peperuda’s guardian angel. Gradually Peperuda’s condition improved, until the wonderful day she was tumour-free.

Please consider fundraising for us - together we can work little miracles!