Monthly Sponsorship Programmes

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We welcome part-sponsorships for any of our animals, catering for all budgets

Small - Medium Dogs

£25 per month

Large Dog Breeds

£30 per month

Cat Sponsorship

£15 per month

Horse Sponsorship

£50 per month

Sponsoring one of our animals makes a huge difference to their lives

Our aim is to find loving forever homes for our rescued animals but this can be a lengthy process. Meanwhile a monthly sponsorship guarantees food and preventative healthcare, and in return we issue you with a super LIFE tote bag and supply regular updates with photos.

If your chosen animal requires extra veterinary treatments or other unforeseen care, we will inform you - but there is no obligation to pay more!

If he or she finds a forever home, we will let you know and ask if you would consider transferring your sponsorship to another needy animal in our care.

Perhaps you would consider making a gift of sponsorship to a friend or family member, who will also receive updates? A wonderful present for animal lovers who care about the welfare of others in faraway places!

Kerry as a pup, soon after she was found

Kerry's story, written by Orla, one of LIFE's regular supporters

"Kerry was the first dog to be rescued from the ghetto patch. She was barely alive when found. She was also my first ever sponsor dog with Lucy so Kerry got me addicted to helping Lucy with her work. She was taken to the Haven in early 2016 and was re-homed to an amazing home in the UK in 2017. Her pictures of when she was found always makes me tear up but the after pictures quickly make me smile."

Kerry continues to be adored and very much part of the family at her home in Britain.

Left and above: Kerry in her new home, loved, cherished, happy and content



Bulgaria is the poorest member of the EU, and although many find a reasonable standard of living through work and self-improvement, there is a vast Roma presence throughout the country, living in enclaves, which is largely oppressed by racial discrimination, poor education, lack of employment opportunities and only basic access to the usual utilities and infrastructures.

Many of our rescued dogs are accommodated in foster placements within these communities.


LIFE promotes responsible animal welfare and social inclusion in the some of the poorest areas of our local communities in Bulgaria.

We choose carers who have empathy with animals, and those who have shown willingness to learn better welfare practices and exhibit the ability to put those practices in place. Carers are paid a token amount to encourage upkeep and care to a good standard on a daily basis.

Many of our carers belong to local ethnic Roma communities, where poor education, high unemployment and living standards far below the poverty line are the norm. These communities often present the worst standards of animal welfare, and where we engage most with our Outreach Work to raise awareness and good husbandry practices. Most problems are borne of a cultural lack of empathy and ignorance, and here education is the key.

We aim to support individuals, families and communities as a whole in a rather ‘stick-and-carrot’ method. Reward for good practices, help towards medicines and clothes for the poorest who are trying, against the odds, to improve their lot legitimately but struggling, and veterinary help for their animals when appropriate. Animal abuse also exists in some environments and in these cases we advise better ways to effect care and control, and if ignored, the strict animals laws are cited, lawyers letters may be sent, and if necessary, a report is made to the Prosecutor’s Office for legal action.

Needless to say, we choose our foster carers carefully! The reward of a small stipend as well as the trust placed in such people and their families promotes a wish among neighbours to raise their own standards and develop better relationships with their own animals. They begin to understand the benefits of healthy animals, with support and advice as needed from LIFE, with the possibility of becoming foster carers themselves if their level of care and understanding is sustained in the longer term. LIFE is proud to bring awareness to these communities, working with them, interacting with their children, setting examples of good welfare and handling, promoting social inclusion, good work ethics and observance of rules and regulations appertaining to their animals.


Foster kennels are generally positioned outside in line with those on our own premises. They consist of runs and kennels in an adequately sheltered place, and it is a requirement that dogs are let out or walked twice a day. Water should be available at all times, regular feeding times should be adhered to with the appropriate amount of food given, and runs are required to be kept clean.

We inspect the foster placements regularly, (sometimes with an unannounced spot-check), and we expect the carer to call if a problem is encountered with which he needs help. We only place healthy, well-adjusted dogs with foster carers, matching temperaments to families that are best placed to look after them.

If you are passionate about animal welfare AND the plight of disadvantaged minorities in the poorest country in the EU, please consider this combined sponsorship opportunity.

Small-medium sized dogs: £60 per month

Large dogs breeds: £70 per month