At Life this week

August 27th 2023

On Sunday, Lucy had a thoroughly enjoyable visit from one of our treasured UK adopters. He transformed once skinny and cautious Crosski, a husky we found abandoned, into fabulously confident Suliko seen here.

It’s very uplifting to meet wonderful people who visit our rescues and see their needs and want to help.

Thank you so much to Sara Waterson , for the superb selection of quality collars, leads and harnesses sent with Robert, not to mention Autumnal comforts in chocolate form for Lucy…

Lucy helped recently spayed Pixie down from a cement pole at end of a pretty positive day…

That's young Pappy dog left at one veterinary clinic for his double break leg operation. Please wish him luck because one mend which must be pinned is particularly tricky for the surgeons.

This dog is lucky enough to have caring Roma owners who phone to ask how he is daily. But the aftercare will be rather demanding so he'll stay for a month at least at LIFE to recover…

Wishing everyone a good week and thank you for your continuing support and posts sharing, without which there wouldn’t be LIFE…

Link below for our dogs for rehoming album and to kindly donate …

Thank you



September 20th 2022

.A week at LIFE of fabulous character’s, people and animals, do read on..

Sunny Daye, full of energy with a cuddle for everyone and all the animals! Ratka who lives marginally certainly neded support this week and a cuddle...A concert is coming up with Sunny to raise funds for LIFE too.

Shaun our Namibian volunteer, took up camp at the Haven along with 5 horses, one way to horse bond is to look at the star's together at night. 

He quicky improved the pulling water from the well with a pulley system. Shaun has ridden the previously lightly backed horses and proved to be a very much appreciated Horse support for Lucy on Outreach.

Sarah after walking with Duchess. Lovely dog Duchess, who is a longtime resident at LIFE still looking for her forever home.

Hugs with Sunny Daye.

Faith made it safely to her forever home this week.

Shaun working with Dazzler with Ilia watching on.

Dazzler - how did such a beautiful mare end up in such bad hands before rescuing this week?

Darling Dazzler, lads call her Dazzy for short was the winning name pulled out of Shaun's hat for a donation to enter.  Rescued just last week, a nice 4 year old Arab type of mare is visible under all the abuse she's suffered.. Shaun has been handling her and treating her wounds, she now rewards him by following him around like a puppy! Must be something special about Shaun's hat that does not leave his head!

Longtime wonderful LIFE supporter Sarah took many much appreciating dogs for walk's with some loving and cuddles of course too.  Duchess, Jon, Sandra and Flash walked are available for rehomeing, see link in the dogs for rehoming album below.

Meanwhile three very lucky LIFE dogs are happily travelling now to their forever homes, safe travels Faith, Tessie and Fondant, thank you kind adopters, fun times ahead..

Do view the link below to the dogs for rehoming album. Sharing posts helps to find more support and wonderful homes too..

Thank You 



September 3rd 2022

Arnold the pig held onto his bacon and a home with his future pet comforts taken care of was found as his current family couldn't keep him any longer.

The Roma bay mare with an injured eye after a swipe from her previous owner was rested, harness collar handed over to LIFE whist she's on subsidised leave to let her sore tendon's heal  too..  More antibiotics needed and another call out from the Vet.

Remember the Faith post recently, this lucky hound has been offered her forever home in UK, she's getting Vet ready to travel and having more walks/lead training.. Seen here with Plum who is still looking for her home.. See link to the Dogs for rehoming album below.

Ivan with Gizmo the cat

Faith and Plum

Pig who found a home, hopefully they’ll remember the grapes

Selim the Donkey on the left, ponies and Bernie

Look at the content companionship  group photo, a donkey, Selim, two rescue previously deprived of light, food and space ponies, Malinko and Kalinka  and Bernie the bullock, whose growing up big!

Ivan with Gizmo, black/white, fabulous sharp photo really showing Ivan's natural animal empathy.

Rex was rescued after being violently attacked with an axe... He's fully recovered now physically but is still fearful of men.. Fabulous forgiving Rex is looking for a loving and patient lady to give him his forever home in a safe, fun and calm environment.

Donna the pretty filly  foal of Amber left for her new home, she's settling in really well, sad to say goodbye, kids leaving home .

Tired bay mare having rest days

Donna, saying goodbye

Rex, young medium sized boy looking for his forever home

Bobcho, Donna and Amber

Do see the link below to the dog for rehoming album, can you be tempted to take on one of our fabulous rescue dogs forever.. Sharing posts too helps to find LIFE more support and wonderful homes.

Thank you..