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Please put your name in the reference section when making a donation.

Lucy's bank details are as follows:

Lucy Irvine

Royal Bank of Scotland

Sort code 83-23-10

Account number 00647457

Lucy Irvine Foundation Europe

Unicredit Bank



Some devices may not support this button. In which case please donate using our Paypal address

We are grateful for all donations, no matter how small. Your generosity will mean that we can continue to help dogs, cats and horses in LIFE's care. Thank you!

When you donate to us you can improve quality of life for a dog, cat or horse in need almost instantly. We sometimes have one-off urgent and specific donations, such as when we find an animal in need of urgent medical attention, but we always need more general funds to care for our rescued animals and to pursue LIFE’s Outreach Work. Currently we have over 160 dogs ,cats and horses under our immediate care and we support more in local Roma areas. Each and everyone of them needs to be fed and watered daily, which takes time and management. As well as funds for dog food, cat food and hay for the horses, we need funds to pay LIFE’s indispensable local staff. We do not and have never received grants or regular funding, and rely solely on the generosity of people like you to fund all aspects of our work.

Tools, equipment and essential infrastructure also demands constant financial investment. We need to build and repair fences, kennels and pens, and buy fuel for the little car LIFE uses for supplies and Outreach Work. We always need funds for barrows, buckets and bowls we use to feed, clean up after and water so many animals. To pursue educational and vaccination campaigns we need financial support - the list really is endless :)


Turn around an animal's life for just £10

Here's what a £10 donation to LIFE can cover:

    • A sack of food for underfed dogs to build up their health before we take them for spay/neuter

    • One day's food for resident rescued cats at LIFE

    • A local Outreach trip to assess the needs of horses

    • Quality preventative tick and flea treatment for one of the dogs we support in a local Roma area

    • Transport for several animals to the nearest vet clinic

    • A sack of feed for a desperately skinny horse, or 4 bales of mixed hay and alfalfa

    • 5 metres of wire netting to repair dog pens and fences

    • 5 large cans of dog food for those who can't eat kibble

    • A canister of quality antiseptic and healing spray for horses with wounds encountered on our rounds

    • Walkies for up to 10 dogs

Please donate just a little to help feed the dogs, cats and horses this year. Thank you.

Some devices may not support this button. In which case please donate using our Paypal address

Shopping Online?

You can help us by signing up for Easyfundraising, where retailers donate a percentage of your spending without any cost to you

Every time you shop, we receive a small donation to say ‘thank you!’ It’s completely free and over £20M has been raised for causes just like us so far.

EasyFundraising is a great site where you can help LIFE raise funds simply by doing your everyday online shopping. Over 3,500 big name retailers are included, such as Amazon, Argos, John Lewis, ASOS, eBay, Boden and M&S.

This is a great way to do your shopping and let LIFE benefit from retailer donations at the same time, for free.

We want to raise as much as possible so please sign up and help us at In the 'Search for a cause' box, type LIFE then scroll down to find LIFE - Lucy Irvine Foundation Europe. Click on it to take you to our page, then click 'Support this cause'. Easy!

Thank you and happy shopping!


If you prefer you can you send us a box of much needed items to help our animals - take a look at the list below of the things we find most useful. However, please contact us beforehand to discuss the current necessities and to arrange delivery (postage and packing to be covered by the sender).

  • Collars, leads and harnesses for dogs

  • Flea and tick spot-on's, and worming tablets for dogs and cats

  • Snaffle and straight rubber bits, and bridles / bitless bridles for horses

  • Head collars, halters, lead ropes and paste wormers for horses

£25 will look after a dog for a month

£30 will buy a passport and microchip

£40 will buy a kennel

£3 will buy a bale of hay to help to feed a horse

Please help us to transform more animals’ lives for the better.

A real difference can be made to the dogs, cats and horses in LIFE's care, with your donation.