Adopt an animal from LIFE and never be lonely again!

Could you offer a forever home to one of our deserving animals?

Here at LIFE we have many animals waiting in anticipation for loving homes. They have been rescued from suffering on the streets or are survivors of ill treatment. All deserve a loving, forever home and the process is a lot easier than you might think. Search the links below and you may find that perfect companion for your home and family.

Foster homes also sought

Maybe you could offer a temporary home, giving an animal the opportunity to experience its first home and loving, social contact in a one-to-one or family setting. We match our carers carefully to the dog, cat or horse, ensuring your circumstances benefit the animal, to give it the best chance of finding it's forever placement. In return, we hope you enjoy the experience of helping an animal to become familiar with home life and giving it the confidence and desire to meet its special human!


Adoption and sponsorship


Adoption and sponsorship


Adoption and sponsorship