Christmas Cards 2021

Pet Portraits is supporting the work of the Lucy Irvine Foundation Europe (LIFE). They have created a selection of Christmas cards for sale with profits going to help with work that the foundation does.

Please take a look and if you would like to make a purchase please message Pet Portraits to place an order. If you would like to know more about Pet Portraits checkout their Facebook page

£5.95 for a pack of 10 mixed designs + £2.00 p+p

Desert island lessons applied to LIFE.

I wrote in Castaway that I learned to walk on my island in the sun. From a rushed scuttle in London, dodging and weaving in crowds to catch a bus, my gait changed to a tranquil rolling stroll. I had only to catch a fish and it was extremely hot. The new pace was part of a process of adjustment and not only to the heat. I was adapting in order to survive continue reading...

A personal message from Lucy

The driving force behind LIFE - Lucy Irvine Foundation Europe is the founder and biggest donor of the foundation, Lucy Irvine. On her birthday she wanted to share her personal message with all of you, our wonderful supporters, volunteers, sponsors and followers. Please take a moment to watch this video message and share it widely. THANK YOU!

Meet Violetta

LIFE's new motorised chariot! (Our horses and carts cant take us everywhere we need to go, alas..) And one of our best horse-handlers will be chauffeur :) Just 70 horse power to handle in this case;) And please note the lovely tartan seats, which make me smile.

Enormous THANKS again to all who contributed to Violett


Due to restrictions on the number of rescued dogs allowed on any one private property, LIFE has to cut down and we need friends to help.

If you are in Bulgaria could you consider fostering one or two of LIFE's dogs while we continue to search for a home for them? Support for care of the dog/s would be available if there is a sponsor to help spread costs.

if you are not in Bulgaria please consider sponsoring a dog in foster care.

We have over 30 dogs needing foster care asap.

The full article available in Horsemanship Journal UK

L.I.F.E’s role: to relieve the suffering of animals whatever their destiny …

What sweeter sight for horse lovers than that of a foal gambolling in the spring, flexing budding muscles as she prances and shaking her tufty tail as she tucks her head under the dam to suckle. Others, seeing the same, might think: ‘’What sweet meat on the hoof,‘’ and reach for a calculator to check for cash yield possibilities before contacting potential clients.

I first learned of the Christmas foal meat market in rural Bulgaria when a contact in a Roma enclave led me to look at three small foals roped tightly together in a dark shed. One had a pronounced hernia and the owner wanted to know if it could be ‘’got rid of’’. I offered to send a vet, mentioning that if he could not treat it but considered surgery an option, it could be done at the equine hospital in Stara Zagora, but that could prove expensive. The owner laughed when I quoted a figure for transport on top and made a dismissive throat-slitting gesture in the direction of the foal. If it wasn’t attractive enough to be offered whole, he’d simply make it into meat first and sell it that way.

Winter weather in Bulgaria is full of contrasts

Days after my house burned down in November 2009, I washed my hair in a bucket under blackened vines in a courtyard jolly with pompoms of snow melting under bright sun. During the blaze, my one thought was to get animals to safety......

read full story here

Horsemanship Journal have been looking for a charity that they can partner and support on an ongoing basis. We are pleased to announce that they will be supporting the LUCY IRVINE FOUNDATION EUROPE.

You can help by purchasing a copy - please visit theIr website here.